The Mystery of Kars' Kathoon

Campfire stories and arrivals

The party tells stories of their past and arrives in hedgerow

After the events of the first adventure, the adventurers camped the night on the side of the road. Tanzine, the travelling merchant, suggested that they tell stories of their past to get to know one another a bit better. Tanzine told the story of his first circuit around the island as a journeyman merchant. Fed false information by a troublesome old timer, he set out into the mountain pass that leads to the metropolis ferandel. In the pass his small party met disaster when they discovered the pass was snowed up, contrary to what the old timer had told them. Upon reaching the impassable way they turned to head back to hedgerow. Unfortunately before they had gone a mile there was a massive avalanche, which they only narrowly avoided, that closed off the path back to hedgerow. Trapped between to mountains of freezing snow, with only a single cart and one guard, Tanzine survived the cold inhospitable climate for three full months, eating all the food which he had intended to sell at Ferandell, and burning many of the inedible goods he had for warmth. Malnourished, but alive, Tanzine and his guard escaped from the snowed pass.

Delvin Karos told a story of a close run-in he and his friends had with some kobolds in his younger years. Intending to fight they ended up fleeing to due to overwhelming numbers and, through quick thinking and ingenuity, managed to collapse the tunnel, crushing their pursuers behind them.

Melifax told the story of one of his earliest bounty hunts. Contracted to catch and bring to justice an interloper, who’s name he has forgotten, he tracked the culprit to the edge of a cliff in the center of a pine forest. There he confronted the man, “You’re coming with me!” he told the Elf in question. In response the miscreant sucker punched him square in the face. When Melifax woke some time later his assailant was gone, and he had a learned a valuable lesson… Don’t get near enough for your mark to punch you.

Alaric told the story of his first guard job. Hired to transport a wagon filled with valuable loot, he and three other guards, all Elves, followed their employer through the rough untamed land of Arcon. Nearly to their destination they were set upon by overwhelming numbers of raiders. They fought for their lives and their jobs. At the end of the battle a ring of corpses surrounded Alaric, and he alone stood alive on the battlefield. Hitching himself to the wagon he took it the rest of the way on his own. While he could have simply taken the merchandise and kept it, seeing as how his employer was dead, Alaric always completes his contract.

Kieyanna told the story of how she met her best friend, Fido the Veloceraptor. Walking the cliffs near her hometown one day she slipped and fell. Barely managing to catch herself on the rough stone of the cliff she hung on, her heart in her throat. Then, a small pair of teeth latched onto her arm and she was terrified it would try to eat her. However, as she climbed back up the rock, she realized the creature had been trying to protect her. Fido followed her loyally ever since.

Having finished their camping trip and being well rested they headed into Hedgerow. They



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