The Mystery of Kars' Kathoon

Woo first game of the campaign! I was way excited for this to begin. So to start off Alaric, Delvin Karos, Melifax, and Kieyanna were on a ship headed to Lees. The ship, “The Wanderer” was wrecked in a massive storm. The four adventurers were knocked unconscious and awoke in the Home of Ragnar and Ellie where they were fed. The four then went on to meet the village elder, Ganner who told them about a missing boy who was in the forest. They also found out they were in a place called Kars’ Kathoon, an island that no one gets off of. The group of adventurers decided to look for the boy and headed off through the forest where they encountered a giant spider. Kieyanna talked to the spider and it decided not to attack, until Alaric decided to stick a pitted great-sword into a tree (it broke and he smashed his face on the tree) the motion disrupted the spider and caused it to become enraged. They were able to kill the spider and continue their search for William. They soon found him. He had been taken captive by a group of goblins. With a failed sneak attack they battled the goblins and were able to succeed. During this battle Melifax came within seconds of dying but was stabilized by Kieyanna. After saving the boy they returned to the town of Arkenta to return the boy to his mother and to receive their reward. The group then found out from the elder that there was a goblin enclave in the mountains and that when they were stronger could go after them for a huge reward. Ganner also suggested that the adventurers seek out Tazine a traveling merchant for work. So Tazine hired them and they were off to another town where they traveled for a few days until coming under attack by a group of gnolls that were quickly killed.



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