Arkenta is small fishing village on the coast.

Arkenta is divided into two main areas. The beach, where many of the fishermen and villagers live in light wooden huts or permanent tents. Their life on the beach is simple. The men and unmarried women spend the day fishing, providing food for the village at large. The housewives watch over the children and keep house during the day. The children either scavenge the beach for edible shellfish and a particular seaweed which the village considers a delicacy.

Those of Arkenta who don’t make their livelihood from the ocean live further toward the land, in more permanent housing. These make up the craftsmen, servicemen, and village council, as well as those who are simply wealthy enough to avoid work altogether.

Life for Arkentans is a hard affair. Food is often short in supply, and the men of the village are occasionally forced to hunt in the dangerous woods nearby to make up the difference. Children are trained from a young age to search the beaches for edible shellfish and the older children dive for pearls and other deep treasures. These beautiful curios are their main trade item. They trade several times a year for things that are rare on the shore, such as clothing and metal tools.

They are governed by a council of elders, with the wisest, Elder Ganner, recognized as the council leader and appropriately differed to. Among there businesses is a small Inn called the Salty Maid run by Briggs the Gnome; a small smithy run by Tenber the Dwarf; a clothier shop run by Content Not Found: ragnar_ the Elf and his wife Ellie the Human; a general store run by Content Not Found: gunther_, another human; and a magic shop run by Content Not Found: mother-pawdry the Halfling.


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